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Zoe Miles and MTV take the fight to Brookfield corporate headquarters in Toronto!

August 11, 2010

Cortes Island’s Zoe Miles, life-time resident, recently had the very exciting experience of hosting MTV’s “The Buried Life” on Cortes Island! The producers of the show decided they want to feature Zoe, and the initiative to protect the Cortes forestlands from industrial clearcut logging. She and the crew spent two days filming in our Avatar Woods, in places like Green Valley and Grandmother Grove, with everyone from the children of Cortes to experienced ecoforestry operators.

The next step? Zoe is off to Toronto to have a word with Brookfield Asset Management, owner of the company that plans to clearcut the island’s wild forest lands. If you’ve seen the movie Avatar, this will be a familiar scene – one woman, with the support of her community, takes on the corporate giant that threatens the health and future of her home.

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