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Know Your Rights and Forest Strategies Workshop ~ Dec 3 & 4

November 28, 2011

December 3rd and 4th
Know Your Rights and Forest Strategies Workshop

I.T.’s (Island Timberlands) coming! But before we get stumped, let’s organize. On December 3rd and 4th Zoe Blunt (prolific eco-activist) and John Davies (environmental law) will be on island to walk, talk, and workshop us through discussions on community organizing, forestry campaigns, strategies, legal rights, and more. On Saturday there will be a walk through threatened I.T. owned land, where we will begin our discussion on strategies. Join us afterward for a potluck dinner with our guests Zoe and John. On Sunday John will be facilitating an in-depth “Know Your Rights” workshop and Zoe will continue to lead discussions on strategy and community organizing specific to forestry campaigns.

Industrial logging is not inevitable, we can stop I.T. before I.T. stumps us!

*Saturday December 3rd 2pm-4pm
Forest walk with Zoe Blunt
Meeting Location: Gorge Y
(Tea and Snacks will be provided)

* Saturday December 3rd from 6pm-9pm
Potluck Dinner with Zoe Blunt and Peter Edelman
Location: HOME Community house in Whaletown, 500m North of the firehall.

*** Sunday December 4th from 10am-4:30pm at Linnaea—
“Know Your Rights” and Strategies for Forestry Campaigns Workshop
with Zoe Blunt and Peter Edelman
Donations:10-20$ sliding scale, no one turned away
(lunch and child-care included)

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