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June 15, 2012

Below is a letter from the creators of the petition you signed in December.
Your help is needed again, please act today.

Dear Petitioners,

First, we want to say a big thank you! Your six thousand eight hundred on the “Save Cortes Forests” petition got Island Timberlands (I.T.) to the negotiating table. Months of negotiating have so far had the benefit of delaying logging during the nesting season and brought a few minor changes to I.T.’s plans. But sadly the heart and spirit of the petition has not yet been met.

We now are at a critical point in these negotiations. We believe we can still save our old-growth forests and the integrity of our wetlands, but we also know it won’t happen without enough people once again letting I.T. know that they care what happens.

So we are asking you to help our old-growth forests and wetlands one more time. We need you to send them an email demanding these critical lands be protected.

Time is of the essence. I.T. want to their finalize plans by June 19 and start logging in the fall. Right now these are virtually the same forest-destroying logging plans we objected to in December. If I.T. and its parent company Brookfield Infrastructure Partnership get a few thousand emails right now, it could have a tremendous impact. I.T. hopes that most of you who signed the petition have lost interest and they can now go safely ahead without many people objecting.

Please help us and our old-growth forests by emailing them today with your concerns. We have drafted an example message below that you can copy or modify. It is more specific than the petition and covers the essentials of what needs to be protected.

Please send a copy of that message with whatever changes and additions you want to the following people:

Please cut and paste the following request into an email to


Dear Messrs Waugh, Sihota and Flatt,

Please base your revision of the logging plans for Cortes Island on the best available science, the guidelines produced by the Coast Information Team for the Great Bear Rainforest.

  • Retain all forests with trees over 150 years because the marbled murrelet, listed as “endangered” in the federal Species At Risk Act, depends upon such old growth ecosystems according to the Province of BC;
  • Create a no cut zone buffer of at least 100 meters around streams, wet lands and wet areas;
  • Retain a minimum of 70% forest ecosystems of mixed species and age classes; and
  • Respect the maps and purposes of the Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory to ensure the continued integrity of rare and fragile terrestrial ecosystems.

If preservation of Cortes ecosystems is impossible for Island Timberlands, please sell the land at an independently assessed and fair value to entities that will protect them, in cooperation with the Cortes community.


[your name]


There are people on Cortes organizing on the island and many in cities getting creative.  You can connect with them on facebook, here.

Thank you so much for your effort to protect beloved Cortes Island!

Carrie and Barry Saxifrage

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