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Artists’ Journey to the Children’s Forest

August 12, 2012

The children of Cortes Island have a vision of protecting, in perpetuity, a large tract of ecologically significant forest lands that are presently owned by corporate interests, with an alternate vision of industrially logging these same lands.

In the first week of August, Cortes Island hosted a number of artists inspired to support the forest with their artwork. These artists included Laura Hughes-McGrath and Heather Martin McNab. Check out the videos below.

Learn more about the Children’s Forest here.

“Who speaks for the trees, speaks for all of nature.” Diane Beresford-Kroeger



Laura took her formal training at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. During those 4 years, she spent a year at the Instituto Allende (in San Miguel de Allende) working on the emergence of ‘colorfield’ paintings (a form of abstract expressionism) that have been in her head “for the last 20 years”.  Having realized she sees in layers of color before she sees the shape or form of an object L’aura believes colour is the bridge between the logical, learned, experiential left side of the brain, and the intuitive, flowing, creative right side She gives this creative side full rein in her paintings…concluding that good abstractwork halts the viewer for some unexplained, intuitive reason…whereupon the logical process comes into play as the viewer tries to reason out why they are drawn to that particular piece of art…thus completing the journey.


Heather Martin McNab

Since 2005 I have had the fortune of learning different techniques from a number of accomplished basket makers and teachers, including basket makers in rural Swaziland. I work in a number of different styles and techniques with a wide range of materials. I gather some of my materials locally, but also use found, recycled or imported materials. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of conventional basketry to explore the art of basketry. This can be expressed through colour, texture, pattern, form or sculpture.

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