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Island Timberlands Returns to the Negotiating Table

December 1, 2012

The first stage of blockading has been successful! Island Timberlands has stated that they will not pursue an injunction for one week, and they are willing to meet in the coming week to discuss modifying their cut block boundaries. We are moving forward into negotiations and are relieved to have some time out of the rain!

We will remain vigilant and watchful of activities around the site but are going to remove 24 hr presence from the road. We are prepared to spring back into action at any time depending on how things unfold in the next week.

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported the forests of Cortes in so many ways. Your messages of support, donations, and word spreading are invaluable parts of this movement. Please stay tuned for ongoing updates as we may need a strong off-island presence in the days following the negotiation process.

Check out the media page for the most recent flurry of stories and follow the story here, facebook and twitter @cortesforest.

Thank you all!!! Please help us by continuing to spread the word and by supporting this work with a financial contribution.

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