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Victory & Continued Urgency

December 3, 2012

Wild We Stand - Album cover artThe first stage of blockading has been successful! Island Timberlands has stated that they will not pursue an injunction for one week, and they are willing to meet in the coming days to discuss modifying their cut block boundaries.

In the meantime we need your support. In standing for the forest these past four years, the people of the Wildstands Alliance have volunteered blood, sweat, tears and thousands of hours. This is a labour of love and we are happy to do it. But we foresee some costs coming up that can’t be paid in volunteer time.
We need $$$.

Brookfield Asset Management, owner of Island Timberlands, has $150 BILLION in global assets. We don’t.

Please consider supporting this movement towards a sustainable forest economy with dollars. We’ll even give you a 17-track album of fantastic digital music as a way of saying thanks. At the moment, the best way to give is by “purchasing” the album in the amount of your donation– $10, $100, $1000???

Join us in standing up for sustainable, long-term forestry in the province of British Columbia.

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