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Island Timberlands Update from IslandStance – December 8

December 8, 2012

by Cec Robinson

Many Cortes Islanders will know that a blockade was held from November 27-30, 2012 at the yellow gate access into the Basil Creek Watershed on Island Timberland’s (IT) private managed forest lands.

Late Friday afternoon, November 30, lawyers contracted by Island Stance were contacted by IT’s lawyer with an offer to meet again with Cortes Islanders and to not seek an injunction for the week of December 3-7. It was indicated verbally through the lawyers that if the proposed meeting did not result in agreement, then IT would expect to seek an injunction, quickly thereafter.

On Monday, December 3, Island Stance communicated acceptance of the invitation to meet with IT to their lawyers, who in turn communicated this to IT’s lawyer. On Tuesday, December 4, Morgan Kennah (IT Community Liaison) was contacted directly by Island Stance to inform her that a Cortes representation was ready to meet on Friday, December 7. Island Stance agreed that there was wisdom and continuity in having the same individuals meet with IT that were present during the earlier IT meetings in 2012, with the addition of an Island Stance representative.

On December 4, a response was received from Morgan Kennah indicating that,        “… Friday does not work well for us (IT) but we’ll get back to you on this offer in the near future.” As of Friday, December 7, there has been no further word from IT to Island Stance or their respective lawyers.

It is the expectation at this point that IT will not be able to seek an injunction without notifying and providing sufficient time for Island Stance to respond in court. Although it seems unlikely that IT will attempt to resume activity on Cortes Island while the meeting offered by IT is pending, anything is possible

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