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Letters of Support

photo by Duskin


Letter to Mr. Sihota, Mr. Waugh, Ms. Leine and Mr. Pollock from Lori Water – June 19, 2010

Dear Mssr.’s Sihota, Waugh, Leine, and Pollock,

While I understand that the logs on Cortes Island may represent monetary value, there are other far more important values which need and deserve to be conscientiously and thoroughly considered. Our environment today is undergoing such drastic and permanent change that we have collectively negatively affected the fundamental ability of life on this planet to survive. Here, on the BC Coast, our forests and our oceans are being destroyed. The impact of this on human life is absolutely devastating. Now, I understand that your company intends to log what precious little forest remains on Cortes Island. This island, as one of the last in our straits that still maintains balance between the human population and the wild forest lands, is unique in British Columbia, and precious to British Columbians.

Logging this island – particularly in the proposed location – would be a devastating loss to our province, would have a horrific impact on people living on and around the island, and the loss of this forest would be felt by generations of humans to come, not simply because of the immediate devastation, but because of the follow-on impacts of loss of biodiversity, and further extirpation of species on our coast, and on this significant ecosystem.

It is highly likely that some of you who intend to wreak this devastation are able to assuage your consciences by virtue of the fact that you have never visited this amazing island. I suggest that you visit – speak to the people who live on Cortes, and see for yourself how invaluable these forest lands are to the community and to the effective functioning of our natural environment in British Columbia. While you may not have seen the place first hand, apparently may be unable to understand what devastation logging of this scale has on an island of this size, and may not be driven through conscience to not destroy this community – please do not assume that this obviates the need for you to do what is right for the good of the people living there, and for this province.

British Columbians, and particularly those living on an island of this size, simply cannot afford the massive scale of demolition your logging operation proposes to impose on this small community. Our environment can not withstand further destruction.

Please. Reconsider your plans. Do not log Cortes Island. This is an enormous mistake that will resound in perpetuity, and will destroy an entire community.
No person has the moral right to impose such devastation on other humans.


Lori Waters, MFA, MScBMC
Data visualization for science and medicine

cc: Office of the Sustainability Commissioner, Auditor General of Canada


Hi there everyone,

I am writing to let you know of one more front that we are addressing pending assault on Cortes forests and specifically the IT lands.  There is a group of people holding space for Prayers for the Forest at 8PM every evening.  It is a simple thing that you can contribute your positive thoughts and energy to any evening from now forward.

The request is to envision the health and longevity of these forest lands and to very strongly envision an epiphany of understanding and change of action for the IT decision makers.  Can you surround this situation with Love and Creative Thinking to open a new pathway for sustainable solutions?  I know that not everyone will feel that this can have much effect but I enjoin you to try the possibility… it’s only a few minutes of your time and a positive result is much more likely when more people put their minds to creating a better outcome.

We are working at this challenge on many levels… this is one more.  Remember the wonderful rush of community engagement last year with the Prayer For Carrington art project.

Thank you all for the many other ways you are supporting a positive outcome to this situation.

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