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Children’s Forest


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C is for Carrington’s…climbing trees
…crystal clear creeks
brimming with cutthroat trout.


gigantic trees, pushed together
in the mossy forest
standing on their roots
~Osha Dombrowski

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It’s press-ready and endorsed by Robert Bateman.

Click here to for the Call for Artists for the Cortes Forest Trust Project

Click here to read the Forest Alphabet by Sabina Leader-Mense.

A Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island has been formed to purchase Island Timberland forest land holdings immediately adjacent to Carrington Bay Regional Park Reserve on Cortes Island. These forest lands will be held in trust for all the children of Cortes Island, in perpetuity. They will offer educational, recreational, cultural and spiritual value for all our children. They will provide the opportunity for our youth to embrace and practise stewardship of forest lands and watersheds.

These forest lands, at the heartland of Cortes Island, are ecologically significant and contain the provincially designated sensitive ecosystems: riparian, wetland, herbaceous, woodland and old growth. These forests are home to many rare plant communities and species that are listed on both the provincial and federal species at-risk lists. The biologically diverse James Creek watershed provides extensive wetland and riparian habitat that supports cutthroat trout and spawning salmon. This heartland represents vital wildlife corridors and protects the beauty and wildness of the northern parts of Cortes Island.


Fawn.Foxglove.Richard. Trueman

Pledges are being accepted now. The Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island Society was  incorporated under the BC Society Act on November 15, 2012. The Society is pursuing charitable status, whereupon pledge amounts will be deposited and tax receipts issued.

All pledge amounts will be put towards land purchase. The Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island operates as one ally in the loose alliance of community initiatives working towards purchase of the greater Island Timberland holdings on Cortes Island.

Please direct enquiries, support and pledges to:
Sabina Leader Mense
Christine Robinson

August 2011 – SINCERE THANKS to the Cortes Island Pottery Guild for their generous donation of space, to Mary Clare Preston for her donation of time & clay and to Jackie Ruffell for her instruction – all in support of the Forest Ent Project. The marvelous clay ENTS, created by Island children, will be on display prior to silent auction later this year, as a fundraiser for the Forest Trust for the Children of Cortes Island. See photos here.

The Job of Moss

The job of moss is to grow,
to soak up water,
to make the forest glow.
The job of moss is to be a house or a hiding place for a bug,
to help seal up a broken tree,
to be part of the forest.
The job of moss is to be a sitting place for me,
to be a soft bed for a deer,
to help the forest grow,
to soak up the wonders of the forest.
The job of moss is to be there when needed,
to become the future and to be the past,
to be a million different shades of green and to be at ease with everything around it.
The job of moss is to flow with the water,to be part of nature’s cycle.
The job of moss is to help the earth hear, feel, touch and see.
~Ruben Gregg

The children of Cortes Island are engaged in a Forest Alphabet art initiative to promote the Forest Trust. The Forest Alphabet contributes a valuable educational component and is presented to the public through the irresistible artwork of children inspired by a love of place!

The Forest Alphabet art show will be traveling through the Islands in the Salish Sea early in the new year; 33 pieces of original children’s art! Watch for announcements in an island community near you!

For those of you not living in or near the Salish Sea, we don’t want to leave you out! We are in the process of publishing the children’s art work in a publication titled: FOREST ALPHABET: Artistic Visions of a Forest Entrusted to the Children. We will keep you posted on how to purchase one for yourself.

Click here to read the Forest Alphabet by Sabina Leader Mense.

The idea for the children’s trust fund was inspired by a model created by the Heiltsuk First Nation on the BC central coast. In 1999, the Heiltsuk First Nation acquired a 74 hectare parcel of land around the Koeye River, near Bella Bella, which is now part of the Great Bear Rainforest. A non-profit society was established to hold the land in trust for the youth of the Heiltsuk First Nation, and to operate the Koeye River Youth Programs, cultural & stewardship programs for youth, locally and internationally.

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