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Calling grannies & gramps,
the idly curious,
the philosophically inclined,
the young & not-so-young,
the timid & the bold.

YOU are invited to participate in Island Stance, a community initiative to encourage civic responsibility prior to anticipated industrial-scale logging by Island Timberlands on their private managed forest lands on Cortes Island. The local, immediate goal is to prevent industrial-scale logging by Island Timberlands on Cortes Island, while securing options for purchase of those same lands for the local community – preservation of sensitive ecosystems and/or sustainable forestry. The broader goal is to affect change of private managed forest legislation in BC which offers inadequate environmental protection.

Island Stance is committed to peaceful community action from a diverse, island-wide base of support & involvement, and to transparent, ongoing communication with the Cortes community.

Examples of actions Island Stance WILL participate in:
1. community education – public meetings, placards, banners, public brochures & articles, tables at markets, community events
2. direct participation – symbolic action, humour, creative arts & expression, road
sit-ins, writing campaigns, blockades on public land, filming, respectful communication

Examples of actions Island Stance WILL NOT participate in:
1. property damage -no damage to equipment, vehicles, roads or lands (ie. no tree spiking)
2. personal harm – no personal offense, no bodily harm

“Once we’ve recognized the destructiveness of capitalism and industrial civilization—both of which are based on systematically converting a living planet into dead commodities—we’ve no choice, unless we wish to sign our own and our children’s death warrants, but to fight for all we’re worth and in every way we can to overturn it.” Read Derrick Jensen’s full article here.

Three Generations of Activists, From left to right: Betty Krawczyk, Zoe Miles, Jill Milton (Zoe's mother)

Examples of actions Island Stance has organized:

Legal Observer Training
-January 14, 2012
A Legal Observer is a calm, independent, objective witness of the activities of police and security forces at a blockade or other direct action event. A Legal Observer trainer from BC Civil Liberties Association, Vancouver, will offer the 2-hour training on Saturday, January 14, 10:00 am at Linnaea Education Centre – Lakeside Room. There will be a $10 donation to subsidize travel expenses of the trainer and rental of the facility. Please call 250-935-0181 to register or if you have further questions.

Forest Parade and Festival
– December 2, 2011
When Island Timberlands put out a small notice that they would be hosting a meet and greet in the unheated, chairless garage of the firehall for islanders interested in fibre purchase opportunities, IslandStance decided to make it a little more fun. Around 100 islanders, inlcluding many children, paraded to the firehall to enjoy the meet and greet along with a little added theatre, music and educational materials.

Seniors Afternoon Tea with octogenarian activist Betty Krawczyk – August 8, 2011
Cumberland octogenarian, author, and ambassador for civic responsibility shared why she believes “Action is the mother of hope” and the vital role seniors have to play.

*** Dandelion is the most ancient symbol of activism. Dandelion represents the WILDS and captures VITALITY!!

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