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Three years in the making the Wildstands Alliance has
a solid foundation of research. Here is a taste…

Fact Sheet- January, 2012

INVENTORY of British Columbia Provincially Designated Rare Species and Ecological Communities observed in the Sensitive Ecosystems on Island Timberland’s holdings, Cortes Island, British Columbia.

Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory Map of Cortes Island lands corporately managed by Island Timberlands.

Cortes Island Call to Action and Factsheet Facts on the the Cortes Island lands corporately held by Island Timberlands /Brookfield Asset Management.

BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT and ISLAND TIMBERLANDS and BCIMC (British Columbia Investment Management Corporation)

Map of Cortes lands corporately held by Island Timberlands.

Map of British Columbia lands held by Island Timberlands.

Pension Thieves: A Story of Brookfield Asset Management ( 3 minutes, youtube)

Brookfield Asset Management – More than Just Logging Cortes Island – This article by Joyce Nelson delves into some of BAM’s other activities in the province, including a power project, real estate and a prison.

Wham BAM, Thank You TAM – This article by Briony Penn looks at the difficulties of “following the money” through ever-changing corporate structures, these mergers raise questions about the ownership of British Columbia.

BC’s Public-Sector Pension Fund Invests Millions in Enbridge, Tobacco Stock

Retirees on the Rampage – Info and links to more about Brookfield.


Certification Fails to Protect BC Forests – Vancouver Sun article by Anthony Briteff, recently retired from a 39-year career with the BC Forest Service

FSC vs. SFI Forests – This article by Heart of Green looks at the differences between the two certifications and shows a picture of what the two standards look like side by side.

The War Over Eco-Certified Wood – This article by Chris Pollon of The Tyee looks at the differences between the two certifications and learns from someone who has practices both forms of management.

“Sustainable” Forestry Initiative (SFI): Certified Greenwash: A photo essay exposing the SFI’s deceptive eco-label – This photo essay produced by ForestEthics notes that while eco-labels ostensibly set higher standards for the environmental attributes of a product, SFI serves the profit-interests of the timber industry.


A Cortes Forest Plan -a community-based effort at grappling with landscape ecology and social limits.

Quality Always Takes Time – This article by Cortes Island resident David Shipway shows the difference between eco-forestry’s quality mature timber and prematurely harvested corporate timber.

Managing BC’s Forests for a Cooler Climate: Carbon Storage, Sustainable Jobs and Conservation – This article by Ben Parfitt of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives looks at the impact of climate change on BC forests and communities.

Forests that Work – An Analysis Dealing With the Problem of Investor-Driven Forestry – This article by the Coast Range Association shows how “investor driven forestry businesses–operating under the pressure of financial return –do a poor job of growing high-quality wood, and sacrifice much productive capacity”.

Fixing Failed Forestry – This article by Tom Bender presents the results of his study on long-rotation forestry and the subsequent economic and social advantages.

Carbon and Forests – This article by Campbell River Forest Research examines forest carbon values, however there is no mention of the significant difference between heartwood and sapwood.

Conservation Offsets: A Revenue Tool to Conserve Natural Areas, Watersheds and Community Resilience – This booklet by Briony Penn is introduces conservation offsets and how they work.

Forestry Balances Profit and Conservation in the Pacific Northwest – This article by Brent Davies looks at eco-forestry in the temperate rainforests south of the 49th parallel.


The Proof is In: Our Forests are Badly Mismanaged – The Tyee

The Big Burn – This article by Briony Penn looks at how the “combination of a gutted Forest Service, vast areas of not sufficiently restocked forestlands, a quirky loophole in the Kyoto Protocol and a provincial government ideologically driven to sell off public assets has created the perfect opportunity for forest industrialists to burn down the last barriers to privatization of BC’s Crown forests.”

Pensions on Trial – This article by Briony Penn looks a First Nations case before an international court that could spell trouble for the government pension funds that purchased TimberWest.


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