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What’s At Stake

On November 27, 2012, the Vancouver Island logging company, Island Timberlands, sent a crew to begin building roads through parcels of land which they intend to clearcut.  The lands which they own amount to over 2,700 acres in total, shown in yellow in the map below.

These forested lands are ecologically significant with several provincially designated sensitive ecosystems, rare species and ecological communities represented.
Click here to view the inventory of provincially designated rare species.
Click here to view the Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory map.

Steeped in local history, this place is also culturally significant as a landscape important to local wildcrafting, foraging, trail use, and ecological education.

“From Coulter Bay in the west to Squirrel Cove in the east, the I.T. land base girdles the center of Cortes; the impact of industrially logging that extent of land will forever change the island.  That is the most important message the community needs to hear. We’re not talking a quarter-section here and there; we are talking several entire watersheds!”
-Sabina Leader Mense, Biologist and Cortes Island resident

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