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What’s At Stake

INVENTORY of British Columbia Provincially Designated
Rare Species and Ecological Communities
observed in the Sensitive Ecosystems on Island Timberland’s holdings,
Cortes Island, British Columbia.

Click here to view the Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory Map.

Riparian & Wetland
Pinus contorta/ Sphagnum spp.
~~~lodgepole pine/ peat mosses (blue-listed)
Tsuga heterophylla/ Thuja plicata/ Blechnum spicant
~~~coastal western hemlock/ western redcedar/ deer fern (red-listed)
Thuja plicata/ Polystichum munitum
~~~western redcedar/ swordfern (blue-listed)
Thuja plicata/ Carex obnupta
~~~western redcedar/ slough sedge (blue-listed)
Thuja plicata/ Tiarella trifoliate
~~~western redcedar/ three-leaved foam flower (red-listed)
Thuja plicata/ Picea sitchensis/ Lysichiton americanum
~~~ western redcedar/ Sitka spruce/ skunk cabbage (blue-listed)
Patagioenas fasciata band-tailed pigeon (blue-listed)
Rana aurora red-legged frog (blue-listed)

Herbaceous & Woodland
Arbutus menziesii/ Arctostaphylos Columbiana
arbutus/ hairy Manzanita (red-listed)
Pinus contorta var. contorta/ Juniperus communis/ Arctostaphylos Columbiana
~~~shore pine/ common juniper/ hairy Manzanita (red-listed)
Pseudotsuga menziesii/ Pinus contorta/ Cladina spp.
~~~Douglas-fir/ lodgepole pine/ reindeer mosses (red-listed)
Pseudotsuga menziesii/ Pinus contorta/ Racomitrium spp.
~~~Douglas-fir/ lodgepole pine/ grey rock-moss (red-listed)
Chordeiles minor common nighthawk (yellow-listed)
Hirundo rustica barn swallow (blue-listed)
Contopus cooperi olive-sided flycatcher (blue-listed)
Dendragapus fuliginosus sooty (blue) grouse (blue-listed)
Accipiter gentilis laingi northern goshawk (red-listed)

Old-Growth & Mature Forests
Pseudotsuga menziesii/ Tsuga heterophylla/ Gaultheria shallon
~~~Douglas-fir/ coastal western hemlock/ salal (blue-listed)
Tsuga heterophylla/ Pseudotsuga menziesii/ Euryhnchium oreganum
~~~coastal western hemlock/ Douglas-fir/ Oregon-beaked moss (red-listed)
Monadenia fidelis Pacific sideband (blue-listed)
Ardea herodias fannini great blue heron (blue-listed)
Glaucidium gnoma swarthi northern pygmy owl (blue-listed)
Bufo boreas
     western toad (blue-listed)

B.C. provincial designation:
Red-listed – list of ecological communities and indigenous species and subspecies that are extirpated, endangered or threatened in B.C.
Blue-listed – list of ecological communities and indigenous species and subspecies of special concern (formerly vulnerable) in B.C.

This work in progress was created through January 2012/ slm/ Cortes Land Conservancy.

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